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The Inside Track is your go-to place for all things courier-related in the Netherlands. From topics like how to get your first job and managing two side job taxes, to what to expect from the Thuisbezorgd sign up process, and how our salary works - you’ll find it all on the Inside Track!

Delivering with Us

Whether you are considering a job as a Lieferando courier in Germany, or are already hard at work delivering food, here you can find all the practical information you need from knowing what a courier is, getting started, getting paid and doing your job. Find all your questions about becoming a courier, answered here

Delivering with Us

Courier News

Being a courier for Lieferando in Germany is not only about the job and its benefits. As a Lieferando courier, you can also be part of social events, different activations, and campaigns that make your experience a blast. Stay up to date with the courier life here.
Courier News

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to be at least 18 years old.

If your city is not listed that means that we don't have Lieferando couriers there, but that the restaurants deliver the food themselves. Keep an eye on our page! Maybe your city will be listed soon.

Yes! We believe in a fair system in which you get paid even in your waiting time. Of course, you will receive a proper and unlimited work contract.

You can send an email to

The order bonus pays out as follows:

  • € 0 extra per delivery when completing 0 - 25 deliveries per month
  • € 0.25 extra per delivery when completing 26 - 100 deliveries per month
  • € 1 extra per delivery when completing 101 - 200 deliveries per month
  • € 2 extra per delivery when completing 201+ deliveries per month

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