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Mam Mam Streetfood Nuremberg

Average 3.8 stars out of 3098 reviews

With Mam Mam Streetfood delivery in Nuremberg, you can enjoy a burger with all the bells and whistles. The Mam Mam Streetfood menu doesn't have any cookie-cut chain burgers. Whether you want a meaty or meatless vegan option, you can choose to get a single or double-patty burger. You can also customise burgers with your choice of fresh toppings from a long list of ingredients. Side dishes include various styles of fries and fresh salads. The beverage range include shakes, sodas and beers. You can also enjoy a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream when you order Mam Mam Streetfood in Nuremberg.

Mam Mam Streetfood restaurants in Nuremberg

Order with Mam Mam Streetfood in Nürnberg

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MAM MAM Streetfood

Snacks, American, Burgers
3,50 €
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Mam Mam Burger Nürnberg

American, Burgers, Vegan
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