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Pizza Hut Heidelberg

Average 3 stars out of 1359 reviews

When you choose Pizza Hut delivery in Heidelberg, you can order fresh, delicious pizzas delivered right to your door. Pizza Hut has been making the best pizzas in town for over 60 years. Whether you want a signature dish, like a Beef Supreme or Hawaii pizza, you'll find something you love on the Pizza Hut menu. For vegetarians, try a Cheese Lovers, Garden Lovers or Mushroom pizza. Want something else to go with your meal? Order a fresh salad or tasty dessert to complete your meal. When you order Pizza Hut in Heidelberg, be sure to check for special deals.

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Pizza Hut Heidelberg Hebelstraße

Italian style pizza, American style pizza
2,99 € - 3,99 €
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