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Pizza Hut Osnabrück

Average 4 stars out of 2418 reviews

When you order Pizza Hut in Osnabruck, the only problem you'll have is deciding what to order. There's a great selection of meat-based pizzas for carnivores as well as a delicious choice of vegetarian dishes for those who prefer skipping meat. Mix and match with a stuffed-crust Beef Supreme and Garden Lovers pizza. The Pizza Hut menu also serves up steaming bowls of pasta, including spaghetti bolognese and creamy chicken au gratin. For a real treat, mop it all up with some cheesy garlic bread. With Pizza Hut delivery in Osnabruck, you can order a full course with appetisers, drinks and dessert.

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(2418) (2.4k)

Pizza Hut Osnabrück Wittekindstrasse

Italian, Italian style pizza
2,00 € - 3,00 €
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