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The Lieferando Courier Recruitment Process

A better route to getting hired

We know that applying for a new job can be a daunting process, but we want to make things as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible when you apply with us. That’s what this guide is for.

We’ve put together a helpful diagram below, to give you an overview of the hiring process for Lieferando couriers. If you want more info, don’t worry. We’ll go into more detail about every step of our hiring process in this article.

Lieferando courier bike

Step #1: Finding your preferences

At this stage of the application process, we want to find out more about you. That includes your preferences about:

  • Which vehicle you want to use

  • How many hours you would like to work with us

We will do this by asking you a few quick questions and asking you to upload some documents to ensure you’re eligible to work with us.

To find out more about the requirements to become a Lieferando driver have a look at this article.

Step #2: Your interview with us

Once we’ve reviewed your details and confirmed that everything is in order, one of our recruiters will contact you for an interview. As well as getting to know you, they will also give you some useful information on the following topics:

  • Working conditions

  • Benefits

  • Next steps of the recruitment process

They can also answer any other questions you may have about our business or recruitment process.

Lieferando recruitment process

Step #3: Signing your Lieferando contract

Here’s how it works…

After the interview you will receive the contract from us. We also ask you to fill in a personal questionnaire to provide all the relevant payroll information. But don’t worry, we will explain the process in detail to you during the interview and also send you an email to explain the next steps in the process.

Find out more about our different contract types in this article.

Step #4: Preparing to set off

Excited to get on the road with us? After signing the contract and before your first shift, we will give you a short Induction Session in which we explain your daily work in detail to you:

1.     Learn about the tools involved in your job

2.     Learn how to book your shifts

3.     Get to know our health and safety policies

4.     Get your vehicle checked (for couriers using their own vehicle)

5.     Book your first shift

Joining Lieferando on the road

Once you have completed this step, you’re ready to start working as a Lieferando courier.

It’s time for your first shift. You can start either at one of our Lieferando hubs or from one of our remote city starting locations, depending on your vehicle type and the city you are working in. For more info, please refer to the following article.

Ready to join Lieferando as a delivery courier? Click this link to apply.

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