Pizzakunst im Pizzakarton

Stefan Kuhnigk creates the Pizzamonster

What is a pizza box good for – except for keeping your delicious pizza safe and warm? We already showed you in a previous article what you can make out of a pizzabox (a laptop stand for example). Now we wanted to try something different and create art – yes art. For this we asked an exceptional artist and we’re really excited about his creation.


Stefan Kuhnigk is an artist from Hamburg who set himself the goal of creating something creative every day. One day he spilled some coffee on a stack of paper – and that’s when he saw it: a small monster shouting “draw me, draw meeeeee”. Since then he drew more than 500 coffeemonsters and publishes them together with their stories on his website and Instagram.

We fell in love with the monsters and asked Stefan if he would like to try a Pizzamonster, something new after the many coffeemonsters. He was immediately up for the idea and so we sent him a pizza box and let his creativity do the rest.

Vorschau Pizzamonster

And now we proudly present the result: Our very own Pizzamonster named Schnabuli.

In this video you can see how it came to life.

Monster is probably not the right label for our little mascot as it doesn’t exactly look scary. It’s floating in the air and stares into the distance with its big eyes.

Pizzamonster Stefan Kuhnigk


Pizzamonster von Stefan Kuhnigk

Pizzakunst im Pizzakarton